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Managing Energy With Facilities Managers

Energy efficiency within organizations is becoming a major concern for today’s businesses. For this reason, the question of energy management has spurred a different thought in the facilities management. Whereas the fate of other building operations like goals and culture fall in the hands of facility managers, should energy management fall in the list of their duties?

In a critical look, everyone can agree that different factors can decide whether the responsibility of energy supervision can fall into your hands as the facility manager. These factors are like the size of the buildings and whether the company has a broader Energy Management strategy or goals.

Suppose we assume that your firm has that Energy Sustainability or management strategy. In this case, you’ll find that your job as the facility manager would be incredibly simple. Your work would only be recording and communicating on energy and GHG numbers. If it has to be complex, it would only extend to identifying opportunities for energy savings.

As we can see, in either of these factors, rational Facility Managers can include energy supervision to their facilities management tasks. Being mindful of energy saving within the spaces should not be a duty but an act of loyalty. Sometimes it doesn’t come automatically, but it’s something that one should develop as you become more and more familiar with the facility.

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