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Zero support Fully Developed Enterprises

When people think of a business that requires little staff and runs itself, laundry mats often come to mind. Granted machines need maintenance from time to time. It also is good to keep them clean so one needs to come in and sweep atleast too. Daily the owner needs to replace the cash made with quarters so patrons can do their laundry. It is also best to close the place by a set time to prevent vagrants from sleeping there overnight.

Other than this, laundry mats are an easy way to make a supplemental income. Only one or two people are needed to keep it running smoothly. If the owner doesn’t live near, landlords may have tenants in the building above. One of them may be the super who lives there at a cheaper rent in exchange for services rendered. These may include opening and closing the laundry mat below. Generally the owner collects the cash to prevent stealing.

Being a landlord is another great passive income stream. Like the laundry mat, one isn’t needed to be there long and few people are needed to help. It virtually runs itself. Occasionally repairs need to be made. Apartments may need to be shown, painted if a tenant leaves. This isn’t a daily occurrence though so owning a building with a couple of businesses below and tenants in the apartments above is a good thing. It is possible for small business to have a large business edge with great computer software. Enterprise Resource planning as it is called can help. An example of this is Quickbooks software.

QuickBooks can handle alot of one’s accounting and bookeeping needs for one as well as do your income tax. Laptops come with Windows that does daily computer updates so that the PC runs well too. The key is to delegate responsibility so one does what does best. Other more menial tasks can be given to a clerk. Cell phones and tablets have calendars,alarms, one cause to remember appointments,etc. Voicemail can replace the receptionist and can take one’s calls when available so one can return calls when able.

It is important to do things as cheaply, quickly and efficiently as possible in business. This is especially true if running your own business. Enterprise resource planning can help by having some of he business functions handled robotically so one can just do the hands on things needed.

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